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who’s a COMMUNITY KILLA?! the disruptors, activators, creators, movers, shakers, culture-shifters + magic makers. those special people in YYC who you see + FEEL are making a difference, sparking change, elevating our community + unifying our neighbourhoods.

it’s been just over 1 year since we launched our COMMUNITY KILLAS - THE HEARTBEATS OF OUR CITY campaign [can you BELIEVE ?!] a campaign where we asked YOU to nominate someone in our city you wanted to shine a light + LOVE on.

your responses did NOT disappoint. so many of you dug deep + helped us shine a light on people in our communities who were + ARE disrupting, activating, creating, shifting culture + making their mark in our city. these individuals have shown up for all of us in BIG ways. we had the pleasure of connecting with them + bear witness to their generosity of spirit + the way they enriched our city with their heart-work. 

BUT, the love-affair is not over... we caught up with the some of the KILLAS + asked them to share some of their summer plans, what the heck they've been up to over the past year + what YYC's got them beaming about. here's Andrea Oh, Gordon Sinn, Salima Stanley-Bhanji, + Lourdes Juan answers to our 3 catch up Q's!



LOURDES: our home + we are so fortunate to call this place our home.

ANDREA: family. it's not only my own family, but also the friends + the people that have really been there to support me. my extended brothers + sisters. not only from a sporting activity or a work environment but just my neighbours, it’s family.

SALIMA: when I think of YYC, I think the first thing that comes to mind is the word home. I am multi-racial, I'm an immigrant - neither of my parents were Canadian. + I moved to Calgary as a young adult. sometimes when you've lived in a bunch of places + when you have a complex cultural identity it's hard to find your sense of place + belonging. surprisingly Calgary is the place in the world where I feel most at home.


GORDON: when I think of this summer I think of the re-ignition of the connections we have. I think COVID took a pause on some of the relationships + collaborations that I was a part of. I'm excited for the re-ignition of connections! so if I see you around the community, + we haven't met yet, would love to connect over coffee, outdoors - whatever is safe. I'm excited for the re-ignition of the connections we've fostered. when I think of Calgary summers, it's definitely SUPER UNPREDICTABLE. that is why something I'm going to start adopting is having an adventure pack in the back of my car. always having a blanket of some sort (something to sit on), + utensils, on hand in case there is a feast and I can tan a little bit + have a little food! ready for anything this summer.



ANDREA: my mobile app company, Move Improve, Move Improve has acquired its first customers. we are growing, we are scaling. we’re moving forward in a time that just wasn’t quite sure. we’re getting traction. we’re getting more people more active, more often — for a healthier world.

GORDON: definitely spending more time talking to my parents over the phone. we live across the country from each other, definitely missed them a lot. it's been very nice to be a part of their lives despite being miles apart. another thing I’ve been doing is just studying, I've been out of school for almost 10 years + i've decided that i really want to dive into studying some type of certification. so in the last 6 months i've been studying my first certification, diving myself back into the studying world. + looking to do more in the future, so that was really fun as well.

in terms of my side project with the living room series: we've been able to host our virtual events still but we've decided to take the summer off - definitely back in the fall + winter to be hosting more virtual events. looking forward to a lot more. it's been an amazing year just to connect with a lot of different people. EVENTBRITE has been an amazing resource for us to meet new people + that want to share their story. I'm grateful for the conversation that we continue to have. if you want to learn more please follow LIVING ROOM SERIES.

SALIMA: I’m almost 43 + for the very first time in my life I stepped on a skateboard. I’m finding so much joy in it, I’m not very good, I’m getting out there every day, + trying something new, + falling + getting up.

LOURDES: my charity the leftovers foundation was able to hit the $1M mark of rescued food in the past year WHICH IS AWESOME. GO TEAM!!! + personally, my heavy weight champ baby, LORENZO ALEJANDRO NORMAN, who is only 11 weeks old + fitting into 6 month old clothing. :D


IF YOU KNOW US THEN YOU KNOW we get REAL AMPED on this community + connection, so re-connecting with these amazing humans really lit us UP! want to know MORE ?! check out all our previous chats with the beautiful people YOU nominated in our community, YYC. plus, we’ve got TWO RAD new KILLAS to feature coming your way soon! [so stay TUNED]