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 With fashion styling + makeup artistry going hand in hand, my love for makeup followed my love of styling. For 12 years, in partnership with incredible mentors - women who I hold dear to my heart to this day - I grew a career in visual merchandising, district management + regional leadership with fashion brands. I LOVE people, connecting with so many, especially women, over the course of my career. Eventually, all of my spare time was spent devouring makeup art education in any way I could; I read history books, studied my favourite artists' portfolios, watched YouTube, film, followed fashion weeks religiously. Interestingly enough, studying the history of makeup is simultaneously studying the history of women. The marriage of my love for learning about people + connecting with them plus my love of the art of makeup, is COSETTE {beauty}
How I view make up is simple: Just like an outfit choice, it's an extension of my mood, my inspiration + my decision to express it in a creative way. It's a blurred edge red lip, a bright pink that makes your skin glow, a glittery eye, a strong brow + tons of mascara, a cobalt liner, or not a trace of anything at all but highlighter on your cheekbones, curled lashes + lip gloss.

When I got the opportunity to work with Jen/P+L on our first shoot, I was so nervous and beside myself with excitement. Completing it is one of my proudest moments. Working alongside P+L has opened up a new world for me, because Jen's trust in my own imagination + in giving her brand a voice, has given me the confidence to take on projects and pursue the thing that puts me in a zone of losing track of time, due to complete focus and flow. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!
-SARAH Hutchings-

photography: vanessa dezutter
makeup: COSETTE beauty
models: kim noseworthy // claire roberts // peyton gastel // rene rapier