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happy FEB, lovers.  we hope this NEW month finds you curious +  ready to engage in a little inspo for your HEART?!


we advocate for LOVE, ALL the kinds, ALL year round. but, we also know a reminder or 2 + engaging in a little strengthening of the heart can always do the mind, body + spirit, good.  this month, we are coming back to the OG [aka YOU] to turn the heat on + up wherever in life you may need it most.

here’s the hot scoop [HOW-TO JOIN THE HUNT]:

starting on MONDAY FEB 8TH + running until VDAY, we will share a little inspo each morning to get you up close + personal with that heart of yours.  + in turn, you share your daily rituals, practices + lessons IN LOVE as a POST in your feed or in your stories, tagging us [@partsandlabor_inc] + using the hashtag #heartbeathunting

you know we dig rule breaking + SELF-EXPRESSION, so f*ck perfection + make this as REAL + RAD as you are.  ALSO, feel free to create your own INSPO if you’re feeling called, but don’t forget to share it + tag us + use the hashtag #heartbeathunting


we’re kicking in some RAD custom goods [think pre-release on some new hues + first dibs on some rad goods we’re testing for our sister co. over at ENVIRONMENTS+] as a little incentive for the babes who LOVE + engage a little bigger, get outside of the box, cheer each other on + hunt down that OG heart beat like the wild lover you are. the recipients will be chosen at the end of each day + hooked up with the GOODS when the challenge closes.

SO, you in?!

here’s a sneak peek at the schedule so you feel set up for lovin’ success :

MONDAYS are for the OG'S BOD

you know how we do; put your mask on before helping others, fill your own cup first, ya ya ya.  we say it, but today we are putting it into practice.  what does it mean to you to really connect to your heart?  whether you choose momentum, or stillness, can you find a white-space moment today where you put your own heart beat first. hands on heart, feet on the ground, IN your own bod. this may be a 10 minute walk around the block without your phone, it may be a [love] cat nap mid day or lighting a special candle, pouring a bath + drinking something fab from the GOOD china.  you do you + don’t forget to share.

TUESDAYS are for turn-ons

we believe that we are connected with MANY soul-mates in our lifetimes - people that ignite us, that support us, that inspire us, that show up for us or that maybe light a fire in us that no one else can.  today, let’s celebrate them.  send a love note in the mail, pick up the phone + profess your love, share something you admire about them, or commit to more than a few 6-second kisses.  naughty or nice, you do you + don’t forget to share.

WEDNESDAYS are for secret admirers

there’s someone out there today that could really use your love.  let’s face it, some of us are really in the trenches + have lost touch with our heart-beats all together.  so, today, be the one that re-ignites that for someone, a stranger, someone you’ve been following that lights you up, that essential worker that is keeping us ALL nourished in so many ways. leave a note on a windshield, send a private DM on the gram, leave an extra big tip, make time for a little conversation with your fave barista.  share your heart-beat in a way that feels best to you + don’t forget to post!

THURSDAYS are for the OG's mind

today, we’re coming back to YOU.  how can you clear some space in that head of yours?  create the blue-sky list of the dreams you just can’t let go, mood board your heart out, crack out that book you’ve been saving for your next holiday, try out that new class that has been on your list. today means less screen time + more IRL engagement in something that fuels that focus.  you do you, but make it different.  find that space + don’t forget to share it!


we’re really IN IT together + sometimes we all need that reminder that we are not alone.  check in on your neighbour, drop a few groceries to your local community fridge, donate $5 to your local charity, make time to join a community zoom class with your fave studio + turn on your screen!  all it takes is one heart-beat, one moment of extended presence, one extra BIG smile, to shift the collective energy.  community is as big + powerful as it is because of you, me + US.  don’t forget to GIVE to it, be in receipt of it + share the power of it!


get up early, sleep in late, sweat it out on your mat [or in bed ;) ] binge on BRIDGERTON, turn off your phone for a few hours [or get really frisky + try the entire day] buy a can of paint + get colourful in a corner of your space that needs it, clean out your closet, order in, draw the blinds [or not] + dance naked in the kitchen.  really, this is a call to ditch your mundane weekend to-do’s + do whatever the F*CK you want in the comfort of the space you call home.  don’t forget to share a [PG] version of that heart-hunting!


clear your proverbial spaces, commit to a new Sunday ritual [one heart-beat at a time] light some palo Santo, pull a card, settle in for an evening Nidra, ink yourself a love note.  have a heart to heart with someone who ignites the best in you, forge forgiveness with someone or something that has been taking up space in your heart.  turn on your favourite playlist + soak  it all out in a warm bath.  today, get out of your mind + come back to the beat within, to set you up for a week of GOOD.  don’t forget to share that spirit, babe.


wooohoooo - you did it!

tune in on our IG every DANG day of the week to get the low down on how we're celebrating heartbeats THAT DAY, get the prompt to feel + fuel your beat, SHARE on your socials + TAG US. we wanna see that BIG BAD BEAT of yours! + just a reminder, we will be selecting a winning heartbeat every day. that's right 7 opportunities to get that LOVING energy rockin' + win a RAD lil prezzzy from us.

we can't wait to get our LOVE on with you ALL week + capture that contagious, electric beat of yours on the 'gram.