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the graphic TEE is our LBD. slip into one perfectly worn-in tee and feel an immediate sense of STYLE, coziness + bad-assery. the versatility of this legendary staple blows our mind - dress it up / down or wear it to bed. you really can do no WRONG - unless that's your M.O. then go for it babe, break some hearts.

but do you know where they originated? from army surplus to rock-n-roll we’re here to break it down.  take a seat foxes, the lesson on the legend that is the graphic tee is about to begin ...


from department stores to designer runways world-wide, the graphic tee has been an iconic fashion staple since the beginning of the 20th century. while the art form of silk screen printing has been around since the 900s AD - originating in China + Japan, it wasn’t popular to use on clothing in this way until 1913, when it became part of the US military uniform - sporting names of army branches + training units. this first iteration of the graphic tee made its way into popular culture when the 1942 issue of Life Magazine displayed an image of a soldier sporting an army tee.
jump to the 1950s where the graphic tee + the T-SHIRT itself made headlines in movies like Streetcar Named Desire + Rebel Without a Cause [the OG t-shirt heart-throbs, Marlon Brando + James Dean.] from that point on, the graphic tee has gone through evolution after evolution. from tie-dye, [can we talk about Woodstock please ?!] in the 1960s, to displaying political statements + slogans, showcasing a favourite music icon + or their album tours, to becoming a CENTREPIECE in entire fashion movements [ummm .. hello GRUNGE], to being a staple in [pretty much] everyone’s closet, worldwide.
the graphic tee has served as a medium to which a person expresses themselves, their beliefs, + their style, from the inside-out. “the [slogan T-shirt was] something to give you a voice … something to believe in that you could wear on your chest that could be read from two-hundred yards [away].” - designer, Katherine Hamnett.

Parts + Labor’s collections, are modelled after these most-LOVED-on, perfectly worn-in vintage sweatshirts + tees. we draw so much inspiration from the different eras of this fashion staple, taking bits + pieces of what we LOVE to create our own unique creations that stand the test of time + trends.



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