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here's the inside scoop on our MEGA-HEART-ROCKED collaboration with the beautiful soul behind our latest jewel edit. we're excited to share a little more about KOKO BEADS founder Katie, + snag the skinny on the intention behind this design collaboration, created exclusively for our FOR THE LOVE OF LOVE collection!


we’d love for you to introduce KOKO beads, tell us a little bit about your brand!

K: I have ALWAYS been obsessed with jewelry. I started making my own chokers, friendship bracelets + anklets when I was about 8 years old. I moved to Vancouver a year + a half ago + I immediately felt inspired. the ocean, the beach, the trees, the art, the fashion the whole city made the wheels start turning. the first KOKO piece I made was actually a sun string, I was going to the beach everyday + didn’t want to lose my sunglasses + wanted a fun new accessory.  my friend saw it + asked if I could make her one, + then the word spread + before I knew I could barely keep up with the orders. I then made the red signature evil eye bracelet. I have always been drawn to the evil eye so it just felt right making it the first KOKO bracelet!

tell us about the KOKO beads x P+L jewels collection.

K: first of all, it was a DREAM + I am beyond grateful. Jennifer shared with me the “for the love of love” collection, the colors, the vibe etc. the first pieces we came up with were the bracelets. people would have the choice to keep the stack for themselves, or keep one + give one to their best friend..because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! both Jennifer + I are very passionate about the EVIL EYE so no doubt it had to a part of every bracelet. the chokers were all created to wear individually, all together or stacked with your other fave jewels.

do you have a hope for how this collection makes people FEEL when they wear their pieces?

K: whether they are treating themselves, or giving one of their besties a bracelet, I hope this collection makes people feel LOVED. 

tell us about the stone properties you chose for each piece + why you chose them?




can we talk about the spirit + MEGA-LOVE that is jam packed into each of these pieces ?! 

we are SO grateful to Katie of KOKO BEADS for her talent + jewel-gifts, smashing creative brains is one of our fave things to do + creating with her was THE BEST. BIG love to Katie for all the intention + heart she puts into everything she does. we HEART YOU!


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