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LET'S FRENCH [the amour edition] LAUNCH PARTY

LET'S FRENCH [the amour edition] has officially launched + we are still on a high from the evening.  As usual, my mind + heart, was going in a MILLION directions that night + when given the mic + plunked in the spot light, I have a hard time expressing my love + MAJOR gratitude for the people that show up for me without falling to pieces.  [which is something I need to get better at ... so thank you for giving me the week to collect my thoughts + love on you, NOW] 
this collection is a story of rebellious LOVE, connection, desire + destiny ...
+ it feels so good to have shared it via this exclusive, intimate experience.  So, here's to the AMAZING people that showed up in the BEST way they know how, to turn it ON + turn it UP in order for that room to feel as HOT + fiery as it did, I am SO lucky to feel your love.  If you have gotten your hands on a piece, I can't wait to see how you style it + the love, heart + confidence it has a part of uncovering for you ... #stylefromtheinsideout
there is something magnetic about this building for me - the people + the things that take up this space + all of the visits over the years that have always left me feeling more full than when I arrived.  Michelle, thank you for allowing us the space to harness the energy of the evening + to Doug, Julia, Tom + Ben for allowing us the room for all of the behind-the-scenes magic to happen.  These business' operate fuelled 100% by talent, passion + heart + your friendships mean the WORLD to me.  Both of these business' have amazing things to offer, both with a story creatively told through the tangibles ... click HERE for Blue Hydrangea + HERE for Uniquities.


here's to James for making ALL of my light + sound dreams come true + for being that extra set of hands whenever we need it.  Thank you for being ALL-IN the night of every event we do, it just keeps getting better + better every time we work together.  [and I get less nervous about you going dark until 24 hours before show time :) LOL ] 


LUKE DICKSON [ the experience project ]

to Luke for capturing the beauty, the heart + my INSANE happiness + love for the people that filled the room that night.  Luke, thank you for bringing your positive light + your camera in the room to freeze all of these incredible moments in film.  To check out this guy's talent + learn more about his craft click HERE



to our film maker + dj [ who I should mention, just won habitat's DJ of the year ... first EVER female #inserthearteyeshere ] this girl jumped right into our collection story + spent hours working with me to dig in + pour her heart into creating our film, + jam on music, to then fill the space that evening with her beats + beautiful energy.  you are magic girlfriend, thank you. XO  Click HERE to see what else she creates.



to our insanely talented cocktail curator, Makina, for authentically creating the perfect custom drinks for the evening ... every last detail was the dreamiest + your knowledge, heart + humility is MY FAVOURITE.  Keep my happy hour corner table ready, I'm coming for you!  If you want to snag this talent for your next event click HERE

And to Jeff, for turning our impromptu happy hour + advice-seeking into a heart to heart + a SOLID YES.  Every single person I came into contact with to arrange this evening, from your staff at Vine Arts to my post-party recovery brunch at Donna Mac was impeccable.  P+L HEARTS YOUR GANG 4EVER.



to Vicky for making time to connect with us in person, to touch + feel our fabrics, listen to our story + to customize every last drop of icing, in true LET'S FRENCH fashion.  We are addicted to you #andyourminidoughnuts  Click HERE to see more of the yummy they create.



to Antonija, Kim, Hunter, Nya, Caron + are STUNNING + couldn't have repped the brand better.  I am so grateful to have had you really share your beauty #insideandout + bring a little sass to the show, it was PERFECTION.  Antonija, your support, heart + grace as well as your guidance have been SO appreciated. ALL LOVE. 



I've never met a sweeter soul that holds such fiery, electric + creative talent.  Jaimie, your leadership, vision + confidence is so inspiring + it has been such a dream working with you on our last couple of projects.  Thank you for being the sparkle on top to finish off our looks.  LOVE you! [ you will LOVE her too .. click HERE to see how you can snag her services ]


SUE THOMPSON HAIR a gal that feels like a sister ... who rolls in with all of her tools + makes it happen, blowing my mind, every time.  Thank you for decoding what goes on in my head [ + my heart ] + for bringing the calm to the storm for every event + every shoot we do.  Your talent + humble heart are EVERYTHING. [ do you know this woman gets PERSONALLY requested by Stella McCartney to do her shows for fashion week?! #ROCKSTAR ] Love you, always S. Follow her adventures + get the skinny on her availability HERE



to Helen, there aren't enough words in my vocabulary for you. Every look was completed fabulously because of your hand-picked, curated collections + the serious style on the runway would not have been possible without you.  Thank you for saying YES, for always collaborating with me + for being my EXCLUSIVE boutique in Calgary.  Thank you for your friendship + for being one hell of an inspiring [ + stylish ] momma...+ thank you for bringing your heart + authenticity, edge + confidence to the women of YYC through what you love most ... fashion. Love you!! xx  Shop her collections + get the first look at the new, limited runs she brings in HERE



to Tanya....who has come in hot for me, with a bin full of the BEST shoes, more times than I can count.  Thank you for showing up, not only with shoes, but with your big heart, to dig in, to serve bubbles, to dance + to LOVE on everyone in the room with that beautiful way you have of making people feel seen.  The Upside is so lucky to have you at the creative helm + I can't wait to see what happens next #magicinthemaking To shop ALL the shoes + all the luxury consignment goods click HERE


to my HEART + SOUL supporters

to Dione, my best + the only gal that can literally be my eyes + ears at any given time of day, any day of the week.  to a gal that can read my mind + make things happen without me ever knowing any different + clear a path that is insanely organized, FUN + full of heart.  to a girl that never keeps track or keeps score - because she is ALL love ALL the time.  Thank you D, love you for-eva-eva sister xx


to Ellen, my official OPS manager + heart connector.  from technology, to art collages, to photo shoots + everything in between.  to my eternal learner, the sweetest of the sweets, that will never say no, because she will ALWAYS find a way to make it a YES.  I'm not sure where I would be without her these last few months + I can't wait to see where we go together in the months to come.  Thank you for being my very first official team member ... LET'S DO THIS THING.  LOVE you BIG. #babybaws xx


it's no secret that you are the backbone, the logic, the heavy lifter + the ROCK behind all the P+L magic.  there is nothing you won't do + that you won't do with your charming smile + electric heart...+ I think I fall more in love with you every time you blast the room with the smoke machine or your team-captain whistle.  here's to a guy that is ALWAYS behind the scenes, trimming + lint rolling + steaming + scheming until all hours of the night.  B, YOU ARE IT. #loversforever


And, to YOU.  thank you for taking the time to follow your curiosity into our hearts + thank you for your support + belief in the brand...knowing that it is so far beyond the cocktails + perfectly polished runway looks + SO much more about loving + living your fiery life + getting hot with those around you, because, THIS IS IT.  SO, what are you waiting for??!?!  LET'S FRENCH Y'ALL. XXXX