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P+L has been creating custom vintage pieces since its inception, marking special moments, milestones + memories for our clients. over the years, we’ve also had the sincere honour to be engaged by several brides, collaborating on special pieces that are unique expressions of their celebration of LOVE for them to rock on their wedding day + every day thereafter! making these pieces a rad reminder of their commitment to themselves, their partner + any symbolism they wish to tie in.



from one-one-one intention sessions to pattern development, sourcing of vintage pieces, fabrics, finish selections + art creation - these pieces are created individually + uniquely for each bride with an intention for her to mix into her daily wardrobe easily [even after her special day.]

"the design experience for my jacket was so seamless + FUN! I met with Jennifer + brought a few ideas to her, but was also open to any + all suggestions she had. my jacket is a light dusty pink colour, something I never would have picked, but once she presented the final design I was in LOVE. she has this wild ability to piece together ideas + bring them to life in a way that is so beautiful, unique + something most couldn’t envision on their own. "  - DIONE




the P+L team works with each bride to create a unique design in the form of motifs, embroidery, + print to symbolize meaningful moments, memories, + touchstones in their relationships. with the intention that these jackets symbolize their love for one another, to be loved on + added to, giving them life even after the big day.



the ability to collaborate in the creation of these unique love stories alongside these brides is an experience that the P+L team is so honoured to be a part of.



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