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we took a rock down memory lane recently, when scrolling back in time in our IG feed. the intention was to snag the date for when we started sharing 'SUNDAY'S ARE FOR LOVERS' + in doing so, we reconnected + re-discovered all the people, places + spaces that PARTS + LABOR has connected with + where it ALL began.

we thought we’d revisit some of our favourite moments from the brand’s inception + share our favourite FIRSTS, reminding us that life is full of first f**king times #thanksBRENÉ + we’re so pumped to create more.


the PARTS + LABOR name was born after an unfortunate bang up that Jennifer, our founder + creative director, had in her V-DUB. this particular chapter in her life was a rough one ... she + her husband were navigating healing from a decision made to end a mis-aligned business partnership + Jennifer was grieving with what at the time, felt like a failure; walking away from a dream + a community she had been a big part in growing. in the thick of it all, she was t-boned on a sunny saturday morning,  a big reminder from the universe that she needed to shake herself out of the darkness. months later, after picking up her vehicle from the shop, she sat at a red light staring at the stack of service orders that sat next to her on her seat ... a long of list of 'PARTS' followed by hours of 'LABOR'. a vision ignited, to create something magical with a two-fold mission. what does it mean you ask ?!




our very first shoot was held in a junkyard, symbolic of the BREAKING down ... to re-build, to grow, to heal. + that’s IT, that’s our brand’s heartbeat; lessons in how the PARTS can be powerful, but without intention merely become piles of distraction if we aren’t willing to put in the LABOR to love + GROW through it all.


when we first launched the brand, we had nothing tangible to sell. all we had was a VISION, a FEELING + a story to tell. one that we knew we needed to build, to share + to experience together.


our first collection was made in collaboration with Calgary-cult-fave yoga studio Junction 9 Yoga + Pilates! the JOURNEY collection, a limited edition capsule that captured the essence of the journey home [to yourself] + all of the pain, pleasure, growth + lessons that come along with you. symbolic of everything J9 stands for + what we’ve come to LOVE about the heart-beats that make their studio SO damn special. some things never change, + to this day, we’re still rocking limited-edition capsules + special collab collections with some of the raddest we know.



our first ever fashion show: DUALITY, created by the coalition - an ambitious team of dreamers including our founder, Jennifer - who had a message to share + a desire to create a unique experiential event that featured fashion, music, heart + connection. that incredible evening was one that has gone down in the history books of P+L as a night that spurred so many lasting friendships, conversations, partnerships, + future collaborations in our community.

the act of RE-LIVING these *at-the-time* scary firsts has been a beautiful reminder, + in doing so, we can share that we know it's scary to take the first step toward that thing that has been taking up serious space in your heart, you may not feel ready + it may not be perfect, but it doesn't have to be, so just put one foot in front of the other, again + again + we promise you will GROW. just make sure you've got some rad people in your corner.

+ GUESS WHAT: we’re in yours, babe!