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Surat, Gujarat
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Sue Thompson Hair

As a little girl I used to braid all the girls hair on the block. I would play hairdresser with my friends + when one of them cut my dolls hair too short I was devastated! I would spend hours fixing the disaster and voila, I cut my first bob. That's when I knew what passion was and where that passion would take me.
Throughout the years my drive has brought me backstage to do hair in fashion shows in NY, Paris, LA, Tokyo and Hong Kong.  I work with my mentor, Antoinette Beenders (Creative Director of Aveda) who chose me to be part of her core team.
I feel grateful everyday that I don't go to "work"... that my clients not only trust me with their hair but also confide in me as a trusting friend. I too, am so thankful for their advice + love.
I feel empowered, surround myself with creative, strong women throughout the years. Jennifer resonates this drive + when I was asked to be part of her powerful team on her journey, I was honoured + embraced the opportunity.
I look forward to collaborating with Jennifer on her beautiful designs + concepts for Parts+Labor for every collection!