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this is a story of a heart-centric, REBELLIOUS ROAMER. one with a magnetic + unique aura that is woven with magic + imprinted with the footsteps of their journey. they have a reverence of the duality in their lessons + in the HEART is where they reside. the place + the space where possibilities are limitless, perspectives are shifted, acceptance + growth are nurtured + a sense of rootedness + coming HOME is always f o u n d.


a limited edition capsule collection created exclusively for JUNCTION 9 YOGA & PILATES
the REBEL MYSTIQUE collection was launched in march 2020 in collaboration + in CELEBRATION of one of our fav YYC studios, JUNCTION 9.
we worked closely with the studio founders, Jilaine + Kailey to dream up a collection that embodied their mission as a business, as a community + the essence of the journey that we embark on together.

"the rebel mystique to me, means the will + passion to remember the home that is WITHIN + to seek out the people + community that will support, cheer + stand beside you. it's an innate desire to find your chosen soul sisters + brothers and something I have been SO GRATEFUL to find within the walls of Junction 9. wearing the REBEL MYSTIQUE collection is a felt resonance + sense that I am never alone + have a community ready to support me in all the joy + the hard things. REBEL MYSTIQUE is a knowing that I can be myself + be in community with others who are living + leading their lives in authenticity, passion + persistence to show UP day after day unapologetically + with a little dose of rebel, BE THEMSELVES." - collection ambassador, STACEY IRVINE

drawing inspiration from J9's physical space, their intention in community + the spark they ignite, paired with P+L's obsession with symbolism + connection in the form of RAD tangibles, this collection was born.

"the J9 crest was the starting point for creating this collection. the crest is featured in it's entirety on the back of the REBEL MYSTIQUE tshirt. the art piece is actually extremely layered when it comes to symbolism. each element represents a different piece that is unique to J9, their intention as a community + the personal journey we envisioned for the REBEL MYSTIQUE. it also represents J9 as a physical space.. the top being the rooftop patio, the sunbeams + birds [or the ‘beloved' pigeons], down to the centre, the heart, the hearth - J9 grand central. the hands represent the two movement modalities of the studio, + so on. lastly, the whole piece mirrors the human body + the chakra system, a way to symbolically represent the tangible + intangible components of our form.” - P+L art director, ELLEN REICHBART

"for starters, there is never a question when it comes to working with Jennifer + Ellen of P + L. we love everything it stands for + the way that it's creatively, inspirationally, + beautifully communicated. each piece was intentional in our desire to give a different channel to share what Junction 9 stands for and what we want people to connect with.  our favourite piece is our Junction 9 Crest, the back of the vintage t-shirt. the finishing look was beyond our wildest dreams, + having the graphics/themes + images all come together in what we stand for a+ what we are about was magic.

well, I guess we have two favs, the blue tights as killer. the fit + function of them + wearing them to teach + take class, they are up there with my fav lulu's, plus a bonus lightning bolt on the calves. K but seriously, I think the entire collection is our favourite... the patch on our sweatshirt, our two custom clutches, our denim clutch in our own pattern?!? it's all just so much more than either of us could have imagined.

this whole process was a coming together, + blending of form a+ function, or dream + intention, of beauty + of heart. we are so thankful to have this collection as part of our Junction 9 story, + even more proud that it was a collaboration with a team we love + respect so much. we cannot wait to see when and where our paths cross again!"  - J9 studio founders, JILAINE + KAILEY BEDDOE



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