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Parts + Labor chooses to exist as a catalyst to disrupt, empower + ignite curiosity. not only through the creation of RAD tees + sweatshirts, but also to elevate + inspire ALL those who follow along, our customers + all those who cross our paths [from our team members, manufacturers, collaborating artists, + beyond] as a brand that designs primarily women’s wear + as a company run by women, our focus EVERY day is how we show up for the women in our lives. our team members, our families, our friends, those in our communities + all of our women identifying customers. we LOVE big on women 365 days a year. SO, in celebration of 2021’s Women’s History Month [this March] we wanted to encapsulate the thoughts, conversations + dreams we shared, + create something extra special to CELEBRATE all of the incredible contributions of women past, present + future. ENTER: the WHO ROCK THE WORLD CAPSULE!


if you know us, you know we love a vintage inspired print. + graphic tees from all decades continue to inspire us. we love creating a lived-in + MEGA-LOVED-on look + feel. for this particular capsule, we were inspired by pouring over rock n roll tees, from decades of music + the evolution of tour t-shirts, band t-shirts + album covers. we wanted to make something that would express this essence of “ROCKING THE WORLD” + that those that see + wear these garments would be reminded that they are members of the “FOREVER TOUR” alongside us.


      the capsule collection is not only a tribute, but an invitation to empower + celebrate ALL women [from ‘21 until infinity.]

      five FAB-ulous pieces to embody all the legendary + incredibly dynamic women in our lives. we hope you love this collection as much as we do + that when you rock your WHO ROCK THE WORLD gear you feel like the f*cking BAD-ASS that we know you to be. KEEP ON ROCKING, BABES. infinite thank-YOU’s + XO’s for the non-stop HEART-PUMPING inspo you provide us every damn day. you make our job easy.