elevation. love. inspiration. connection. electric, contagious positivity + big bold style.

we create + collaborate with intention; our limited edition apparel capsules are a reflection of heart + originality. we work in mediums of limited edition ready-to-wear luxe athletic + nostalgic re-worked vintage gems



the founder + her WHY:

born from a pairing of interior design + movement; parts + labor designer + founder, Jennifer Mehalko, believes in authentically creating pieces that inspire, instill confidence + cultivate originality. the PARTS represent the tangibles, the things we choose to wear, to consume + to decorate our lives with.  the LABOR represents the the work; the movement, a little grit + hustle, sweat, tears of happiness + tears of heartbreak ... all of which create a life worth living.

right at the top of her to-do list?  serving as a catalyst for something so much bigger than the tangible. "it's not solely about the garments, but more importantly, being a part of creating that F E E L I N G;  that heart-lifting, inside-out kind of confidence that every human being really, truly possess.  if my pieces can play a part in uncovering that + allow the telling of a positive story, an empowering message, or put one more bad ass babe on the streets, rocking P+L, with the aim to make a little more magic in this world, then, mission accomplished." here's to growing, to healing, to LOVING + to collaborating with creativity; hot on the desire of living that elevated life.


how it's made:

Jennifer hand-picks each of her vintage items + works with local artisans to create a unique, bespoke + one-of-a-kind piece, intentioned to be loved-on + lived-in forever.  all of her ready-to-wear collection materials are sourced from Los Angeles, Italy, Japan + France with pattern creation, production, print + embroidery all done locally, in Calgary, AB CANADA.  connection truly is everything + we have ALL the love in the world for our team, they really have made it all possible + have supported + taken risks with some crazy ideas, right from day one.  "it was important that if I needed to touch + feel something, that I could.  that we could prototype, sample + create together, in person + that at the end of the day, I could look every single person in the eye + thank them for using their hands + their hearts in this journey."  

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