elevation. love. inspiration. connection. electric, contagious positivity + big bold style.

P+L was founded in 2017 by JENNIFER MEHALKO.  with an extensive background in interior design + over a decade of leading yoga + movement classes around the globe, the brand was born from a pairing of her fiery obsessions.

the PARTS; 

the tangibles we use to express ourselves + how we share our style story with the world.

the LABOR;  

the HEART-work; the grit + the LOVE we put in, to CREATE a life worth living.


we are determined to elevate, empower, disrupt + challenge the fashion stigmas, leading with positivity + WILD LOVE.  we story-tell, create + collaborate with intention + our limited edition apparel capsules are symbolic of heart + originality. we work in mediums of ready-to-wear luxe athletic + nostalgic re-invented vintage gems, but have been seen dabbling in jewels, scents + leather accessories [all proudly manufactured in our home town, CALGARY AB]  oh + we LOVE to move our bods.



WILDLY creative + a smidge bossy, but LOVING AF.  

all-EYES everywhere, feels the MOST plugged-in on her yoga mat, smudges on the daily + likes to get down to the beastie boys.  JACKET aficionado, high-top [+HULK] obsessed + leader of the P+L PACK.  

*caveat: bring kleenex, she's a softie. #piscesforlife



resident [bad-ass] STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE 

a total heart-capturer, always seen with a lens in one hand + an almond latte in the other.  an OLD-soul, mega dreamer with an I-can-make-ANYTHING-happen attitude.  will also respond to elle, E, melon or smellen.  keeps the wheels on the P+L bus in EVERY way. #babyboss

*caveat: remember to feed every 2 hours, hangry ellen is one sour strawberry.




the behind-the-scenes team CAPTAIN,  also known as the HULKster.

the logic, the heavy lifter, the HEART-OF-GOLD-YES-MAN.  mega-prankster + taco enthusiast, pre-game naps + walkie talkies are his jam. LOVER of his lover + gets his therapy in the form of 18 holes.  

*caveat: too many diet PEPSI'S make him crazy.